Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what bout

Christmas breeze a blow, gungo blossoming, first crop of sorrel come in and ginger plentiful, not to mention the soft white, sweet yam associated with the season...mi already put in mi order fi duck bread, order mi ham and a beg Christmas cake (I have no shame in this regard cuz mi can't bake fi save mi life) presents this year though because like everybody else mi have to watch mi two shilling dem til something come up.

At least mi will still have a "Christmas" but what bout the farmers like Laz in St, Elizabeth who get wash out and just trying to regroup and replant, what bout the small businessman and woman struggling against high JPS bills and interest rates that won't go down, what bout the increasing number of street children...hungry, unprotected, out of school and at the mercy of the Black Heart Man?

What bout...what bout... the mindless, egotistical, insensitivity of those in charge?
What bout the cesspool that is our body politic...anybody have a cesspool emptier?

We need to begin a cleansing during this period of Advent  so that in the New Year when the sun begins to warm the earth and the crops begin to blossom it will be to a renewed Jamaica fertile with ideas, hope, peace and prosperity

Jah guide


  1. Yu lucky fi have two shilling (and to remember what shillings are). Medical bills are waxing my behind.

    I am currently reading the memoirs of a gentleman whose initials are EPGS. I must say that he seems never to have put a foot wrong, while his adversaries never seem to have got anything right. In particular one MM who was both naïve and vindictive. While his mentor, one AB was warm, kindly, folksy, and given to deep concern for the people. More I cannot say, since I have to write a review of the two volume oeuvre. It reads better than I initially expected, and contains one or two surprises. At least things I found surprising.

    "Mindless, egotistical, insensitivity"? That's what happens when you forget that you, too, come from the cane-piece and start to think that you're a different breed from the people you observe from the air-conditioned comfort of your Pajero.

  2. Well, the Memoirs have got to be better than his pblication on Grenada, which was a disappointing rehash of Cold-War-mongering. Nothing new and enlightening.

    No, FSJL, much of this lot did not come from the cane-piece; they were the margin-gatherers trading in imported saltfish and osnabruck.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement.

    As for the Pajero, sorry to disappoint but is a lowly Suzuki Ignis in need of everything that me putt putting in.

    I am a different breed because I never forget my personal history. Where the trouble begins is that the students attending that coed school at 81 Duke Street are attending for the wrong reasons...not to serve but to be serviced...oops sorry, I mean serve


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