Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not as easy as you think

Here I am bored out of my gills looking for something to do before I start climbing the walls, so I decided why not start a blog. Should be a breeze, I am technologically savvy, creative and can string more than two words together, so why not.

So here comes Google to the rescue, setting up should present no problems, yuh think...poor mi...a get stuck for 15 minutes trying to find a blog name...serious...mmm lets try one love, nope already taken, one destiny, naw...purple rain, lady where are your creative juices? try again please...even ackee tek...and so it goes on submission followed by rejection.

Mi was jus about fi throw in the towel when the ginger tea that was warming mi up produced a good Jamaican belch and gave birth to offmichest.

more time


  1. I named my blogger blog Stanmore Hill (, after my father's old place in St Elizabeth. The naming part is easy. The writing part. That comes a bit harder.

  2. Hi Kay,
    So much things to say, so you will have no problem getting things off your chest.

  3. FSJL I promise to consult you when I am starting my next blog


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