Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar - Official Video HQ

Monday, December 6, 2010

Judge blames colonisation effects for failure to accept CCJ

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cabbie Chronicles - Drive Thru Drama

Winner of Best Caribbean Animation Award at Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival 2010 - Jamaican entry

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once Upon a Country

Once upon a time in the land of wood and water  there were two elite coed schools – Driva and Sista P High Schools. These schools served as a feeder to the University of Duke Street.
Now every four years these two schools competed in a national championship, which involved a cross-country race thru the length and breadth of the country to select the new head boy or girl and prefects. It is this select group that would then attend The University.
In addition to the regular school curriculum students also had to study civics, history, visioning, deportment, inter personal relationships and culture to ensure that upon graduation they were well rounded individuals worthy of acceptance to The University.
Alas, just like everywhere else in the world the standards at these schools began to fall and instead of producing civil, articulate visionaries, they were now mass producing loud mouthed boors who upon entering The University forgot what their role and purpose was and reduced The University to a playground where they spent copious hours playing sey feh and tit for tat.
It came to pass that the elders fed up with the behaviour of these students called an extraordinary council meeting to come up with solutions to curb the behaviour of these unruly children.  Every elder from the fourteen parishes was invited to attend. They were asked to reason with the members of their community and bring to the meeting their thoughts, ideas and measures to be implemented to stem the students’ behaviour which was now seeping into the wider society.
After weeks of gut wrenching soul searching analysis and reasoning the elders came up with the following actions to be immediately implemented…
Since this is our collective reality make your own ending…  Selah
Bud cyaan fly pon wan wing

William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes" | Video on

William Ury: The walk from "no" to "yes" Video on

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alphabet soup

FSJL prompted this madness

KLM took the 47 JUTC to visit the IOJ and generally tour downtown. It is month end and the lines long at tax office for TRNs, TCCs and GCTs. See nuff  JCF (in and out of uniform) and wonder what a gwaan only to find out seh she in front of BSI. 
She walk go up Duke Street to EOJ which is across from the CDA (careful how you treat de youth dem) to visit Debbie and she nuh deh dere. (Kiss teeth).
Gwaan up a North Street to see the Cathedral and KC and GC before she lef and go up town.
Now she hungry and is either BKF or KFC but settle for  a patty and cocoa bread and a box juice. Refreshed she go by DOCUTECH to hail up Judah den to PCJ to pick up a form by JIPO.
Tired she tek a route taxi by IBM (with IRIE music on the airwaves) and go to JBI, MIND, UTECH and end up at UWI.  
During all this Shomari using that new BB  APP to track her movements to see how good it works. 
Get one mobile message from ODPEM fi sey dat although the hurricane season officially dun it still nuh done, as any number can play with El Nino.
Sending out BBs  and LOL at responses  and still trying to sort out the meaning of the BB shorthand dem b4 r battery run out.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what bout

Christmas breeze a blow, gungo blossoming, first crop of sorrel come in and ginger plentiful, not to mention the soft white, sweet yam associated with the season...mi already put in mi order fi duck bread, order mi ham and a beg Christmas cake (I have no shame in this regard cuz mi can't bake fi save mi life) presents this year though because like everybody else mi have to watch mi two shilling dem til something come up.

At least mi will still have a "Christmas" but what bout the farmers like Laz in St, Elizabeth who get wash out and just trying to regroup and replant, what bout the small businessman and woman struggling against high JPS bills and interest rates that won't go down, what bout the increasing number of street children...hungry, unprotected, out of school and at the mercy of the Black Heart Man?

What bout...what bout... the mindless, egotistical, insensitivity of those in charge?
What bout the cesspool that is our body politic...anybody have a cesspool emptier?

We need to begin a cleansing during this period of Advent  so that in the New Year when the sun begins to warm the earth and the crops begin to blossom it will be to a renewed Jamaica fertile with ideas, hope, peace and prosperity

Jah guide

Not as easy as you think

Here I am bored out of my gills looking for something to do before I start climbing the walls, so I decided why not start a blog. Should be a breeze, I am technologically savvy, creative and can string more than two words together, so why not.

So here comes Google to the rescue, setting up should present no problems, yuh think...poor mi...a get stuck for 15 minutes trying to find a blog name...serious...mmm lets try one love, nope already taken, one destiny, naw...purple rain, lady where are your creative juices? try again please...even ackee tek...and so it goes on submission followed by rejection.

Mi was jus about fi throw in the towel when the ginger tea that was warming mi up produced a good Jamaican belch and gave birth to offmichest.

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